Mark Rathbun Road to Hell

Despite the occasional benign-sounding endorsement of other practices, telepathy with fish, or a once-yearly pattycake picnic, Marty Rathbun’s daily words and actions show vicious, destructive intent to even the most casual observer.

Rathbun’s obvious stock-in-trade is invalidation and nullification, and, with the help of other moribund souls like Mike Rinder, he works to spread as much invalidation as he possibly can at all times. He may try to make his criticisms noble-sounding or legitimate, but they each boil down to an effort to nullify and invalidate. It is what Rathbun does, and is the signature of his personality.

Even the untrained recognize such a personality as negative and destructive. No matter the ruses Rathbun uses to persuade others he’s doing “good work,” anyone can see that all his efforts are directed toward bringing things down.

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